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On the other side mountain Åreskutan,
beyond all lift systems, lies Huså. There, in a farm bakery with generations of food crafts in the walls, we bake Huså Bröd.
Today, the reputation of our carefully produced crackers and our low-carb seed biscuits has spread across the country and Europe.

We combine traditional grains such as barley and rye, with an eye for what the modern man wants. Our craftsmanship is based on ecological and small-scale principles. In addition to wanting more people to enjoy our bread, we hope to be able to inspire a social development that gives the opportunity to live and work throughout Sweden.

Huså is a genuine mountain village beautifully situated between Åreskutan and Kallsjön. In the 18th century, copper deposits were made at the foot of mountain Åreskutan. Huså became the center of copper mining and grew into the largest industrial town in the Middle North. After 150 years, the copper era at Åreskutan ended, and Huså slumbered into a Sleeping Beauty sleep.

Through the village, the Husån flows, with water from the mountain, into Kallsjön. Regardless of the season, Huså is stunningly beautiful. Yes, we mean it's the best place on earth.